Anyang ‘Park (Jonghyun) and Park (Jae-yong)’ duo from youth “With winning and promotion in AG participation”

Participate in the Asian Games and win and promote!”

FC Anyang Park Jong-hyun and Park Jae-yong (23) are always together. The two were from Anyang youth and dreamed of joining Anyang while playing ball boys. And we stepped on the pro stage together last season. The two, born in 2000, were included in the under-22 (U-22) resources last season. Defender Park Jong-hyun played 36 league games. Striker Park Jae-yong served as Jonathan’s back-up, scoring two goals in 19 matches.

Personally, it can be satisfying, but Anyang’s frustration at the threshold of promotion remains a regret. Park Jong-hyun, whom we met in Namhae, said, “At first, I thought, ‘Can I play?’, but he ended up playing a lot of games. After the season ended, I felt very empty and regretful. The second round of the promotion playoffs (PO) was kept as far as possible. I tried not to talk about soccer if possible.” Park Jae-yong also said, “I made my debut and scored two goals, but the last one wasn’t good,” and “I didn’t even watch the video of the game. I haven’t seen my friends for about a week. It was gradually forgotten over time. Even now, I don’t want to think about October 29 last year (the 2nd match of the promotion and relegation PO),” he shook his head.

The painful experience experienced in the first season became a ‘bitter medicine’ as a lesson. Not a U-22 resource this season. He jumps into the real main competition. “I may not be able to play this year,” said Park Jae-yong, who laughed heartily, “I have to compete with Jonathan, but I think this is the year where I have to prove myself properly. I am preparing harder and I am trying to find my own strengths.” The same goes for Park Jong-hyun. He said, “The director gave me a lot of opportunities. From the outside, he’ll credit the U-22 for playing a lot. That’s why I want to start from the beginning.”

Having been together since their youth days, the two are even more special. We meet even on days when there are no games or training. Park Jae-yong, who opened up by saying, “I don’t have any friends who play soccer around me,” joked, “Actually, it’s a bit boring,” and then said, “Last season, I didn’t play as well as Jong-hyun, but I was motivated. Also, having Jonghyun by my side gave me strength.” Park Jong-hyun said, “In fact, there are many안전놀이터 things that we rely on each other. It was a new feeling while playing in the game together. They give each other a lot of feedback. We don’t do well with diss towards each other.”

The two also had a ceremony together. However, this ceremony was initially with the two of them, Park Seong-soo, and Jeong Min-ki (Jeonbuk Hyundai), who have now left the team. Jeong Min-gi couldn’t jump all the way due to his goalkeeper position, so the two of them celebrated. Park Jong-hyun said, “I expressed ‘memory’ with my fingers. He explained that it means to ‘go’ towards promotion.” During the ceremony, the two stuck out their tongues, and Park Jae-yong actively explained at this point. He said, “After scoring the goal, I was so happy that I stuck out my tongue. Everyone around me said, “Why are you sticking out your tongue?” Hearing such stories over and over again makes me think that I have to keep pushing for the ceremony. But maybe I won’t play. First of all, it seems that taking care of my future comes first.”

I also have a lot of affection for the Anyang club. It is said that the two have been saying, “Can we go to Anyang?” since high school. Park Jong-hyun said, “I dreamed of it since I was a ball boy. Anyang was the first team I had to go to. They called us in the final year of the priority nomination. Park Jae-yong said, “After graduating from high school, I couldn’t make it to the pros, so I went to college. I was anxious and motivated a lot. It was not possible to go to another team. Anyang was my dream and goal,” he said in one voice.

The goal is clear. It is the promotion of the Hangzhou Asian Games held in September and the promotion that was not achieved last season. Park Jong-hyun said, “The team goal is the individual goal. The goal of promotion remains unchanged. I really want to be promoted because I fell in front of the gate. I also want to go to the Asian Games,” he said with strength. Park Jae-yong said, “I talked about promotion as my goal last season, but I couldn’t achieve it. If you aim for the championship, won’t you come close? I want to play 30 games and go on board with Jonghyun at the Asian Games.”

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