‘Another criticism and controversy’ Director Choi Tae-woong’s remarks “I don’t understand”

“It is correct that there is video reading. However, it would be nice if you look at it in more detail.”

“The winner,” said Korean Air setter Han Seon-seon (38). Both the winning team and the losing team voiced one voice at the unfortunate referee’s decision.

Hyundai Capital beat Korean Air with a set score of 2-3 (25-19, 24-26, 22-25, 27-25, 12-15 ) was defeated.

It was a game that revealed Choi Tae-woong (47) Hyundai Capital coach’s will to “win a come-from-behind championship.” Hyundai Capital shook Korean Air’s defense with strong spikes and scored its first point against Korean Air this season. However, Korean Air won the victory by holding on to the end despite a difficult game with 10 more rooms (39) than the opponent.

It was a good game of biting and biting, but there was one unfortunate scene. This is the video reading from the 2nd set 23-23. Heo Soo-bong (Hyundai Capital)’s serve was received by Park Ji-hoon (Korean Air), and Han’s post was scored by Lincoln with a back attack. Hyundai Capital requested a video review on the grounds that Korean Air made a for-hit because Park Ji-hoon’s hand grazed while he was receiving.

As a result of the reading, Korean Air’s four hits were declared. However, the Korean Air team strongly protested. That he did not touch Jung Ji-seok’s hand. The competition committee proceeded with the judgment again, and this time it was finally corrected that it was not a four hit. Naturally, Hyundai Capital protested. The gist of Hyundai Capital’s protest is ‘

The match on the 27th of last month, brought out by coach Choi Tae-woong, was a match between KB Insurance and KEPCO. In the 4th set, when KB Insurance was going 9-11 at the time, KEPCO’s Park Chan-woong attempted to block Hong Sang-hyuk’s rearguard attack. In the process, a scene where Park Chan-woong’s elbow touched the net and was shaken was caught, and KB Insurance applied for a video reading. It was clearly caught on the relay screen, but the competition commissioner at the time did not reverse the decision, causing controversy. The very next day, the match commissioner and assistant referee acknowledged the mistake and received disciplinary action. 스포츠토토

After the game, coach Choi Tae-woong said, “In the game on the 27th of last month, I said in the broadcast that ‘the reading cannot be corrected’, but today they say it is. I’m not going. I didn’t say much in the game where I was kicked out (against OK Financial Group on the 28th of last month), but I think I’m becoming more stupid if I follow the rules.”

KOVO regulations do not yet have specific provisions for reversal of video readings. Therefore, whether or not reading can be corrected is open to interpretation. It is different from the additional reading system.

It wasn’t just Jin who felt regret. Korean Air also had something to say as it almost lost points due to video review. Jeong Ji-seok, who was at the center of the scene, cut off and said, “It didn’t rub off.” Player Han cautiously commented, “The committee members should have judged by looking at several screens, not just one screen, but I think they did it too hastily. (Korean Air) players were also completely embarrassed.”

Regarding the game that is getting longer due to the ongoing video reading controversy, “Video reading is mainly used at serve time, but each player has a rhythm, so it is sometimes used even when it is not time to read the video. That’s why I think each player should find the rhythm on their own without shaking. “He didn’t take it as an issue.

However, I asked for a more careful judgment. Player Han said, “It is true that there is video reading, but it would be nice if you could look at it in more detail.” I hope it will be reflected more.”