AI Peppers Volleyball Team held youth volleyball tournament on the 22nd

 Pepper Savings Bank AI Peppers Volleyball Team 토스카지노(owner Matthew Jang) announced on the 21st that it would hold the ‘2023 AI Peppers Cup Youth Volleyball Tournament’.

The event, which will be held for two days from the 22nd, will feature 14 elementary and secondary professional sports teams from across the country and compete fiercely.

On the first day, 8 professional sports teams from the elementary school, including Namwon Jungang Elementary School and Munjeong Elementary School, will compete.

All games are divided into elementary (boys and girls) and middle school (boys and girls).

Pepper Savings Bank expands support for goods and transportation expenses as the participation of professional sports teams in other regions other than Honam increased compared to last year, and supports various souvenirs and training items such as beach towels and tumblers for all participating players.

Kim Dong-eon, general manager of AI Peppers, said, “We are preparing for youth players in professional sports to play happy games while enjoying volleyball, regardless of win or loss.” said.

Prior to this, Pepper Savings Bank held the ‘AI Peppers Youth Club Day’ successfully on the 16th at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju, the home stadium of AI Peppers.

About 230 elementary and middle school students and parents from Gwangju, Suncheon, and target areas were invited to hold regional exchange exhibitions and ‘event games with mothers’ for elementary school students.

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