Aftermath of racial discrimination from Ulsan Hyundai, it affects Klinsmann

The aftermath of racist remarks from Ulsan Hyundai in the professional football K League 1 is expected to affect Klinsmann.스포츠토토

In an official apology on the 12th, Ulsan said, “I bow my head and apologize to the victims, officials, and fans for the inappropriate words and actions of the athletes this time.” We will take preventive measures,” he said.

The next day, director Hong Myung-bo also bowed his head.

On the 13th, coach Hong attended the ‘2023 Soccer Golf Tournament’ at Oak Hills CC in Wonju, Gangwon-do, and said, “As a coach in charge of the team, I bow my head and apologize for the controversy. Racism is a global problem beyond soccer. Obviously, “There is a problem that needs to be eliminated. I think we can become victims at any time.” The

racist conversation spread to football fans through Ulsan defender Lee Myeong-jae’s SNS

. Colleagues Lee Gyu-seong, Jung Seung-hyun, Park Yong-woo, and club manners continued to chat in comments. It was a flow of praise for defender Lee Myung-jae’s performance. The problem is that racist remarks were poured out in the process.

Lee Myung-jae is strong in the Southeast Asian quarter.’ Sasalak’s form is crazy.’ Sasalak is a defender from the Thai national team who played for Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2021. After playing only two regular league games, he left for the Thai league in six months.

Over the conversation, football fans sharply criticized that the appearance of the real name of ‘Sassalak’ came out of the process of making fun of Lee Myung-jae’s skin color among the players because of his dark skin color, and as a racist remark. In the end, Lee Myung-jae deleted the post, and Park Yong-woo, who appeared in the conversation, posted an apology through social media, but the wave does not subside easily.

As the wave of an incident that cannot be passed only with an apology grows, the process of discussing disciplinary actions is also accelerating. The prevailing prospect is that not only the Ulsan Hyundai club’s own disciplinary action, but also the disciplinary action of the Korea Professional Football Federation, which is aware of the details, will be issued before the league resumes (A match break period). There is a league rule that racial discrimination can result in a suspension of more than 10 games or a penalty of more than 10 million won.

Directed by Jurgen Klinsmann. ⓒ Daily An DB
Among the players, there are players who have been selected for the national team, so this controversy is expected to affect ‘Klins Manho’ as well.

Among the Ulsan players who caused the issue of racial discrimination, Park Yong-woo and Jung Seung-hyun were called by coach Jurgen Klinsmann ahead of an A-match in June. Park Yong-woo, who was considered a top defensive midfielder in the K-League but had no ties to the A national team, was selected for the first national team, while defender Jung Seung-hyun was selected as a substitute after Kim Min-jae (Napoli), Kwon Kyung-won (Gamba Osaka) and Son Jun-ho (Shandung Taisan) were left out. This is the selection before the controversy over the racial discrimination incident.

Director Klinsman also knows the content through various channels. The national team will play two consecutive matches against Peru (ranked 21st in FIFA rankings) at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium at 8:00 pm on the 16th and El Salvador (ranked 75th) at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium at the same time on the 20th.

There has been no decision on whether to discipline at the association level yet, but there is a view that measures will be taken during the A match as the aftermath is intensifying. In the case of Park Yong-woo, who mentioned the real name of Sasalak, there is a possibility of replacement. In the comment conversation, Jeong Seung-hyun did not directly mention anything that could be racist, but he cannot be free from responsibility by continuing the flow in the conversation.

Recently, the racist behavior of Spanish soccer fans towards Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid) has been a big controversy, and since FIFA has repeatedly emphasized strict measures against racist behavior, the A team’s decision towards Jung Seung-hyun and Park Yong-woo is noteworthy.

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