Accompanied home run explosion! Found the winning formula, “If you go to Ohtani and Trout, the Angels will go too”

Los Angeles Angels Ohtani Shohei (29) and Mike Trout (32) hit a home run together. 

Trout and Ohtani started as the 2nd and 3rd hitters, respectively, in the match against the Baltimore Orioles held at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland on the 19th (Korean time), and played an active part in multi-hits including a home run. 

In the first inning,메이저놀이터 Ohtani hit an 85.5 mph (137.6 km) two-pitch changeup from Baltimore starting pitcher Tyler Wells, and hit a solo home run that went over the fence in the middle right. He hit his 10th home run of the season with a batting speed of 100.3 miles (161.4 km) and a distance of 378 feet (115 m). 

In the third, Trout’s bat spewed fire. With the Angels leading 1-0, Wells’ 88.3 mile (142.1 km) cutter was kicked up from 1 out and 1 base, and he fired a two-run home run that went over the wall in the middle left. With Ohtani’s 10th home run of the season, the batting speed was 110.4 miles (177.7 km) and the distance was 408 feet (124 m). 

The Angels allowed a 4-5 comeback in the 7th inning, but Ohtani succeeded in turning it around in the 8th inning with an RBI and an infield hit., the official major league media, said, “If Trout and Ohtani go, the Angels will go too. The game against Baltimore this week is a representative example,” he said, paying attention to Trout and Ohtani’s performance that day. 

It is the third time this season that Trout and Ohtani have hit home runs together, and the 25th since Ohtani joined the Angels in 2018. The Angels are on a three-game winning streak this year in games where Trout and Ohtani both hit homers. In his career, he recorded 17 wins and 8 losses. 

“Today was definitely a win as a team,” Trout said. It was a really fun and enjoyable match.” 

Ohtani’s performance is an important factor for the Angels to win. The Angels are 8-2 in games where Ohtani hits a home run and 7-2 in starts, and only 15-20 in games where Ohtani doesn’t hit a home run or doesn’t start. This season’s record was 23 wins and 22 losses, ranking third in the American League West. 

Manager Phil Nevin said, “Ohtani is consistent and has been doing well throughout the year. He won’t hit every game. He won’t even hit a home run every game. But his home run in the first inning was a big shock to us, and we were able to run with it.” 

Trout, who had not hit a home run for nearly two weeks due to difficulties in responding to fastballs recently, succeeded in rebounding by hitting home runs in two consecutive games following the last game. Director Nevin said, “He said he was almost there. And I also told the players that Trout almost picked up the pace, he said. He always strives to be the best, but when he doesn’t, it gets nerve-wracking

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