A perfect shot-mental challenge to become a ‘Major Queen’… Park Gyeol “Iron shots stick to the pin”

Park Gyeol kept her seed at 45th in the KLPGA Tour money list last year.

He returned to the KLPGA tour after giving up his right to participate two years ago and taking a retest.

But Park Gyul was not satisfied. 온라인카지노He regretted not being able to show his skills properly, and his thirst for a second championship, which had been seemingly impossible to catch after winning the SK Networks Seoul Economic Daily Ladies Classic in 2018, only grew as time passed. 

As a result of self-diagnosis after looking back for a year, there were too many reasons why I couldn’t. Among them, the green hit rate was the most serious. It means that the iron shot did not listen properly. 

On the 28th at the Lakewood Country Club (par 72) in Yangju, Gyeonggi-do, Park Gyeol reduced two strokes and took the lead (total 7 under par, 137 strokes) on the second day of the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship, the first major tournament of the season. 

Regarding the secret to maintaining the top spot for two consecutive days, Park Gyul said, “Last year, I had a lot of trouble with iron shots. My green accuracy rate dropped a lot, so I practiced a lot with iron shots in the US field training last winter. The training results were good, and now I am shooting iron shots. It adheres well to this pin and can be sent in any direction you want,” he said with a bright smile. 

The increased driving distance also helped the score. On the second shot, you can hold one or two clubs short, making it easier to attack. In recent years, Park Gyeol’s average driving distance has been only in the early 220 yards. 

Park Gyeol said, “My flying distance has increased a lot. Now it seems to go up to 235 meters. This is the result of a lot of physical training during the field training. To get rid of distance stress, I hit my tee shot with all my might.” 

As my shot improved, I gained confidence. However, his desire to win was hidden in a corner of his heart. Park Gyeol said, “If the third round was over, I would have been very nervous and nervous, but it’s still the second round, so I feel comfortable.”

In the remaining two days, Park Gyeol must overcome all the challenges of outstanding players to win the championship. The score difference isn’t that big either. 

Lee Da-yeon, Han Jin-seon, and Choi Ye-rim emerged as candidates for the championship, forming a tie for second place with a total of 6 under par 138 strokes. It is worth aiming for a comeback even with a single hole score.

Kim A-rim, Son Ye-bin, Lee So-young, and Bang Shin-sil are also pursuing with a tie for 5th place (total 5 under par 139 strokes), two strokes short of the lead. 

Choi Eun-woo, who reported his first win in his life at the Nexen Saint Nine Masters last week, missed the cut with a 3-over par of 147 strokes. 

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