A ‘kick of hope’ that pierced despair… Taekwondo dreams of the future

The Palestinian Gaza Strip is called the ‘powder keg of the Middle East’ because of the conflict between the Israeli army and Palestinian militants.
It is said that the youth here, suffering from the reality of wanting to escape, have a dream. What is the light of hope that shines on them?
This is reporter Jeon Gwang-yeol.

The sound of cheers spreads throughout the beaches of Khan Younis, a southern city in the Gaza Strip, Palestine.

From children of elementary school age to안전놀이터 young adults in their mid-twenties.

Palestinian Gaza Strip teenagers are in the midst of taekwondo training.

Since the Islamic militant group Hamas occupied Gaza in 2007, residents there have been isolated due to the Israeli government’s blockade.

▶ Interview: Abu Shamal / Taekwondo Instructor
– “I’m invited to many international competitions, but I can’t participate because of the lockdown.”

Air raids and terrorism have become a part of everyday life in an isolated life. My heart is frustrated at the bleak reality, but


Today, too, I shed beads of sweat thinking that I can change the future with Taekwondo.

▶ Interview: Al Farara / Taekwondo practitioner
– “As you can see, I am training Taekwondo hard. It is my dream to become a Taekwondo star someday.”

Although everything is still unclear, I will dream of a bright future through Taekwondo training, making up my mind that the sun will rise tomorrow.

This is MBN News Jeon Kwang-yeol.

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