6:00 PM → 7:00 PM → 7:45 PM… Unprecedented Rakuten home game started 1 hour and 45 minutes late, goods truck arrived late due to traffic congestion

The start time of the game was delayed by an hour, and then an hour and 45 minutes was delayed. It was not caused by unavoidable circumstances caused by the weather.안전놀이터

Rakuten Eagles, who finished their 3-game series against the Softbank Hawks during the week in Fukuoka, are set to play 3-game series at home against the Orix Buffaloes from the 11th. After the night game on the 10th, the Rakuten team moved from Fukuoka to Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, by flight on the morning of the 11th.

The first game of the three-game series was scheduled to start at 6 p.m. on the 11th. However, it was delayed to 7:00 pm, one hour late before the game, and then pushed back by 45 minutes. The spectators who visited the stadium heard the news through the public announcement.

This happened because equipment such as uniforms of the Rakuten team arrived late on the day of the move.

According to Japanese media, a truck loaded with team supplies was traveling from Fukuoka to Sendai when an expressway was congested due to an accident. Traffic conditions were so bad that it was impossible to arrive on time.

At around 7:10 p.m., a truck arrived at the stadium, and not only club staff but also players helped carry supplies.

The Japanese media said that the start of the game was delayed by more than an hour as an unprecedented situation.

Orix, the opposing team, moved to Sendai immediately after an away game against Chiba Lotte Marines held at Chiba Marine Stadium the previous day (10th).

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