‘3rd place that couldn’t catch 4th place’…The gap between Woori Card and OK Financial Group’s pride is ‘1’

In fact, they fight on the same stairs. 

On the 22nd, a confrontation between Woori Card and OK Financial Group will be held in the 4th round men’s match of the ‘2022-23 Dodram V-League’ held at Jangchung Gymnasium. 

Currently, Woori Card ranks 4th in the league with a cumulative score of 35 points (13 wins and 9 losses), while OK Financial Group sits one step up with a score of 36 points (12 wins and 10 losses).

1 point difference. 

A perfect overtaking opportunity opened up for Woori Card. On the other hand, OK Financial Group needs to win 3 points to put a brake on the pursuit of the rear teams. 

In the previous Korean Air and Hyundai Capital matches, manager Shin Young-cheol, outside heaters Dong-min Kim and Ji-han Kim, middle blocker Sang-hyun Lee, and setter Tae-joon Han all withdrew due to corona 19 confirmation. 

However, the team morale did not break despite the big emergency of the departure of a key player. Rather, morale is at its peak by beating the league 1 and 2 in a row.

On the 19th, the previous game, Woori Card recorded a splendid feat by beating Hyundai Capital with a set score of 3-1 for the first time this season. 

At that time, Agamez scored 25 points (attack success rate 56.76%), Na Gyeong-bok 14 points, and Song Hee-chae 11 points. 

Kim Wan-jong, who was put in instead of Lee Sang-hyun, who was confirmed for Corona 19 and could not come out, scored 7 points, but all these 7 points were only scored with a quick attack. The attack success rate reaches 87.50%. Jung Sung-kyu, who was put in as a one-point server, contributed a significant portion to the victory by scoring a clutch point right after Agamez scored in the 3rd set 24-24 deuce. 

Blocking caught my eye, but Agamez scored 2 points, Song Hee-chae, Kim Wan-jong, and Choi Seok-ki scored 3 points each, firmly blocking Hyundai Capital’s strong attack. The team’s defense is further strengthened, and the enemy is determined and saves most of the balls hit. 

He defeated his natural enemies one after another in difficult situations. If this atmosphere continues to the OK Financial Group exhibition, there is nothing more to do. From the game onwards, the isolated command tower and colleagues join.  온라인카지노

It is a game played in the middle of the Lunar New Year holiday. In the previous game, 3,273 spectators visited the Jangchung Gymnasium, recording the highest number of spectators in the V-League men’s division this season. Another point to watch is how many fans will cheer for the 3rd and 4th place pride big match this time on a holiday special.

Although OK Financial Group is achieving good results, it is difficult to taste a winning streak in the January game. All of the last 5 games are crossing the stepping stones with win, loss, win, loss, win.

Also, this time, we are challenging for the first win of the season. OK Financial Group has never won more than two sets against Woori Card during the first to third rounds. 

OK Financial Group won a complete victory with a set score of 3-1 against KB Insurance on the 17th, the previous game. 

At that time, Leo scored 24 points (attack success rate 50.00%), Song Myeong-geun 13 points, and Cha Ji-hwan 10 points to jointly win the team. Of course, it should be taken into account that at the time, KB Insurance had lost her pulse as Viyena temporarily left due to an injury.

At the time, Cha Ji-hwan and Leo’s C-quick success rates were noteworthy, with Leo recording 77.78% and Cha Ji-hwan 88.89%. He succeeds 7-8 out of 9, so once he receives the toss, he almost succeeds. 

In receiving, Cha Ji-hwan showed a good appearance on this day. Scored 9 correct in 15 attempts. In addition, Song Myeong-geun recorded 16 attempts and 8 correct, and Park Seung-soo recorded 10 attempts and 6 correct. On top of that, if Leo pops a sub ace once or twice, the team atmosphere can be much better. The offense room should be slightly reduced.

OK Financial Group is trying to solidify its unstable 3rd place by breaking the spirit of Woori Card, which is starting to rise as a strong team. 

However, the fact that the overall team condition is shaken by Leo’s condition is a team that always acts as a weakness. 

The match between the two teams will be played at 2 p.m. 

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