30 million won fine for not attending due to injury? Jin-Young Ko, who is ‘unfortunate’, plans to call on the LPGA

Ko Jin-young, the star of Korean women’s golf, was fined 30 million won. She regrets not being able to compete because of an injury, but she was even asked to pay a fine.

The LPGA Tour fined Jin-young Ko (28) and Min-ji Lee for not participating in the season opener. The LPGA Tour has a system that imposes a penalty if you do not participate in the same event for four years.

Ko Jin-young has not participated in the ‘Hilton Vacations Tournament of Champions’, the opening game of 2023, for the past four years. Accordingly, the LPGA Secretariat imposed a fine of 25,000 dollars (approximately 30 million Korean won) on Ko Jin-young.

Of course, just because she’s fined doesn’t mean she has to pay the fine. There is an explanatory process that waives her penalty if she misses due to a suitable reason, such as an injury. This means that the fine imposed is the first step in the mechanical process and not the final decision.온라인바카라

Ko Jin-young’s management company said, “We have communicated with the LPGA that we may withdraw from participating in the tournament before applying for participation in the tournament.”

In fact, Ko Jin-young contemplated participating until the end of the tournament. However, as the wrist injury did not improve, he decided to withdraw. Therefore, Ko Jin-young’s side plans to submit a statement that he did not participate in the tournament due to injury, such as a doctor’s opinion.

It is known that Ko Jin-young, who has the highest world ranking (5th place) among Korean female players, plans to participate normally in the second event of the season, the ‘Honda Classic’, which will be held in Thailand on the 23rd of next month.

Meanwhile, along with Ko Jin-young, Lee Min-ji (Australia) was also reported to have been fined for not participating in the tournament. So far, the reason for Lee Min-ji’s absence has not been clearly revealed.

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