157km High School Express Shim Jun-seok, ML Pittsburgh in front

Right-handed pitcher Shim Jun-seok (19), who threw the fastest ball in high school baseball last year, is on the verge of advancing to the Major League (MLB). The club mentioned as a likely destination is the Pittsburgh Pirates, a team belonging to Korean infielder Choi Ji-man.

The Athletic, an American sports media, said on the 12th, “The possibility of Sim Jun-seok going to Pittsburgh is growing.” He is compared to the childhood of Park Chan-ho, who played for Pittsburgh in 2010.”

Pittsburgh is a club that has actively recruited foreign prospects. U.S. radio media Ohda said, “Pittsburgh general manager Ben Charrington made aggressive moves in the overseas amateur scouting market last year, such as recruiting top prospects Jordan Santos (shortstop) and Tony Blanco Jr. (Dominican Republic, outfielder) last year.” “Pittsburgh The club often formed relationships with Korean players such as Kang Jeong-ho, Choi Ji-man, Park Hyo-joon, and Bae Ji-hwan.”

Shim Jun-seok, who is scheduled to graduate from Deoksoo High School, is a right-handed orthodox pitcher with a maximum speed of 157 km per hour. He boasts a sturdy physique with a height of 194 cm and a weight of 103 kg. By the time he was a freshman, he had already crossed 150 km/h and he was on the radar of MLB scouts. He also signed an agent contract with MLB super agent Scott Boras in March of last year. He was listed as the 2023 KBO Rookie Draft 1st overall candidate, but did not apply for the draft and chose to challenge the major leagues. 바카라

The Pittsburgh club has shown great interest in Shim Jun-seok since last year. He even sent a team leader-level scout to Korea to analyze the pitching of Shim Jun-seok, who plays at Deoksu High School. Pittsburgh fan site Lumberter recently said, “It looks like Pittsburgh will bring in another international prospect. Shim Jun-seok is a large rookie with excellent physical condition and speed, but he did not participate in the KBO draft,” he said. “I think Pittsburgh will benefit from that. This is a huge opportunity for a team that needs to keep recruiting.”

The scale of Shim Jun-seok’s contract is also of interest. Bae Ji-hwan signed a $1.25 million contract with Pittsburgh in 2018. Shim Jun-seok is also highly likely to exceed the 1 million dollar down payment. His international amateur player contract starts on the 15th.

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