15.2 billion vs 6.5 billion… Jamsil free agent catcher’s resolution “The will type is higher than me. I will make LG win more than Doosan”

LG Twins catcher Park Dong-won revealed his determination for the ‘Jamsil Rivalry’, which he will experience for the first time.

In the free agency market, the transfer of catcher free agents was a concern. Doosan brought Yang Eui-ji back after 4 years with a 6-year, 15.2 billion won contract, and LG sent Yoo Kang-nam to Lotte (4 years, 6 billion won) and recruited Park Dong-won for 4 years and 6.5 billion won.

In this season’s LG-Doosan ‘Jamsil Rival’, the confrontation between the newly joined FA catchers is also interesting. After his New Year’s ceremony on the 4th, Park Dong-won did not say anything about confrontation with Yang Eui-ui in an interview.

He said, “Honestly, I still think I am younger than (Yang) Eui-ji. He is a player with a better will than me, and a player at the top. I don’t think I can be called a rival.”

If you compare Eui-ji Yang’s career performance or last year’s performance, Park Dong-won is right. Yang Eui-ji is recording a career batting average of 307 li and 228 home runs. Park Dong-won’s career batting average is .256, and his career home runs are 114. The number of home runs is half of Yang Eui-ji.

The difference was also revealed in the FA contract. Park Dong-won is 4 years and 6.5 billion won, and Yang Eui-ji is 6 years and 15.2 billion won. Yang Eui-ji’s contract amount is more than twice that of Park Dong-won’s.

But team fights are different. Park Dong-won said, “It is a rivalry between Doosan and LG and Jamsil. The first thing is to focus on the game so that LG can win more,” he said, focusing on team victory rather than individual performance.

He has been conducting personal training since the winter off-season in order to lead the LG pitchers who need to work with each other well, and to help in defense and offense.스포츠토토

Park Dong-won hit 18 home runs last year and 22 home runs in the 2021 season. While playing for Kiwoom and KIA, his performance at Jamsil Stadium was good.

Park Dong-won said, “I am confident in both offense and defense. He has a lot of areas where he can do a lot, such as defense, stolen base rate, and blocking. He is confident in that part,” he said. “The number of home runs… He will use Jamsil Stadium as his home for the first time, and honestly, he is preparing well for the winter, although he does not know how it will be. He is doing well in the training part,” he said.

When asked what he would like to appeal to LG fans as a new LG catcher, Park Dong-won said, “It is throwing second base that I have always prepared and practiced a lot from before. He can throw stronger to second base than anyone else. For one thing, I have the confidence that I can do better than other team players.” Last year, Park Dong-won’s stealing rate was high at 35.5% (40 allowed, 22 blocked).

LG last won the Korean Series in 1994. This year, I challenge to win the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years. Park Dong-won said, “I don’t have any winning experience yet. If the first win is LG’s first win in 29 years, I would be happy without wishing for anything more. I think I can win if I prepare well from now on for the championship and show my best on the field.”