15.2 billion catcher replacement, “There are many good pitchers in NC. It is my goal to bring out the ability.”

The NC Dinos have changed their main catcher in the FA market. Yang Eui-ji left after signing a free agent contract with Doosan for 4+2 years for 15.2 billion won, and NC recruited Park Se-hyuk for 4 years and 45.6 billion won.

The NC team left spring camp for Tucson, Arizona, USA via Incheon International Airport on the 29th. Park Se-hyeok, whom I met before departure, said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been training overseas, so I’m excited, and moreover, it’s a training session with a new team, so I feel new and different.”

He continued, “(NC) brought me because he wanted me, and I spent the off-season exercising, thinking that I had expectations and hopes for him. I am very excited and looking forward to working with new players and living together (at the camp).” 

I have been preparing for the camp through personal training in the off-season. Park Se-hyeok said, “I worked out from the end of November. He also practiced a lot with weights and technical parts. He worked hard to prepare for the season, to get in shape, and now he has to go to camp and test out what he has prepared. He will go through trial and error, and I think there are parts that change, so I have to spend the camp while thinking about those parts, and maintain good condition while playing exhibition games.” 바카라사이트

In NC, both foreign pitchers are also changed to new faces. As a catcher, you also need to get familiar with the pitchers. Park Se-hyeok said, “During the initiation ceremony, I talked briefly with the young players, and I also talked about this and that with Koo Chang-mo. I want to get to know you better at camp. I want to talk a lot while asking them to come to my room to play.” 

Park Se-hyeok showed his determination to integrate into the team by taking the lead, saying, “There are many young players on the team, so I have to take the lead and do a lot of exercise and fight.”

He said, “It will take time to adjust to the new team, but I think reducing that time is up to me to do. There is Yongchan hyung on the pitching part, and Geonwu, Minwu, and Ahseop hyung on the fielder side, and Seokmin hyung goes with me, so I don’t think there will be any big difficulties in adapting.”

He continued, “I think it depends on how I can adapt and adapt to the team in a short time. There are many good pitchers on the team, and I think my goal is to bring out the abilities of those players.” 

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