‘14 points like Altoran’ Choi Boo-kyung “It’s good to pay back what happened”

Choi Bu-kyung’s performance made SK dance. 

The Seoul SK Knights won 82-80 against the Goyang Carrot Jumpers in the 4th round of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 23rd. 

On this day, SK won the victory by using the big lineup for a long time. While various players played evenly, Choi Bu-gyeong (14 points) also did her part. SK, with Choi Bu-kyung’s strength, overturned its early inferiority and won a come-from-behind victory. The crushing defeat suffered by Carrot in the 3rd round also took revenge.

Choi Boo-gyeong said, “It’s not that we started badly, but that our opponent was really good. We were beaten badly on the away trip, but it still came out that we didn’t break down and rearmed and practiced and prepared. Even if we tried to give fewer shots, we tried to make it as difficult as possible because we were a team that managed to shoot somehow, but it worked well. It worked. It feels good to pay back what I suffered,” he said of his victory. 메이저사이트

It was Choi Boo-kyung who was especially active on the day, not only in defense but also in attack. He also had a good dunk and scored important points at every turn.

Choi Boo-kyung said, “After good defense, a good attack follows. My teammates gave good passes, so good pictures came out. In the fast-breaking situation, (Kim) Seon-hyung and (Choi) Jun-yong, I also tried boldly, but I followed it well. “he said.

At the end of the fourth quarter, he received a pass from Jameel Warney and scored the decisive goal.

Choi Boo-gyeong said, “I could see the opponent moving because it was difficult to block Jameel Warney 1-1 while playing today. Even so, Warney had a lot of space, so I paid attention to that kind of movement.”

Physical strength management is also an important factor for SK, which has many veterans in its main lineup.

Choi Boo-kyung said, “There are players with young energy, but there are many veterans on the team, and the harmony was well achieved. Only when the performance is good, the veterans can go to the direction where they can manage their physical strength according to the coach’s purpose, but that did not happen with KT last time. I can’t help but play such a close game so that the game doesn’t come out, but I will focus on the game that I can go while strengthening.”

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